With David Gruber, founder of Czech speedreading.
24. 10. 2017; 9:00–16:00
speedreading gruberFor:
Designed for English speaking foreigners working or living in Czechia.
Benefits/ Goal:
Targeting participants to mastering speedreading; giving the know-how, how to learn it.

Ing. David Gruber Ing. David Gruber (author of a czech speedreading)

1. Why is it possible to fit together speed and comphrehension at reading?
2. Human eyes at reading,
3. Widening recognition span, reducint number of fixation per line of text,
4. Human brain at reading – concentration, memory, anticipating,
5. Practical exercises, tests – classic on paper as well as with software apps,
6. Tips and tricks easing your reading from notebook display.

Refreshments, background materials and a certificate for each participant.

Our Courses Scholars Important Principles.
  • Wish to do what you have to do and soon you will be able to do mostly what you want to do.
  • You will not get what you rightfully deserve from the others. But you will get that and just that, what you negotiate.
  • Every man I meet is in some way better than me – and exactlly this is what I am trying to learn form him. So every new man in my life is my chance.
  • I wish for three things: Enough strength to chnage things which can be changed. Enough patience to withstand things which can not be changed. And enough wisdom to distinguish former two cases.
  • There is a way which assures nearly everyone will do nearly everything for you. Arrange things cleverly such as that person wishes so.
  • Let us be honest to each other, let us hide only things necessary to be tactful.
  • Mankind progresses steadily forward, but man with his communication ways, weak and strong aspects, is still the same.
  • It is good to do things well – and schools teach us this thouroughly. However, better thing to do is to do the right things. We will save our lifetime and also fulfill it. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to do the right things well – at the right time, at the right place, the right way and with the right people.
What are the most striking Gruber’s inventions and discoveries?
1. The Professional Concentration Psychoformula (or multimethod), which also represents the complex final solution of procrastination problem
2. The Subconscious Opposition Psychoformula
3. The Recalling and Recognizing Memory Psychoformula
4. The Psychical Relativity Theory (in the Czech press releases compared to the Einstein’s physical one)
5. The Psychoformula „things happen from reasons“
6. The Time Management of the Top Generation (The SOUSTO multimethod)
and more than a dozen of another psychoformulas.
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Contact Informations:
info@gruberteam.cz  www.gruberteam.cz  http://rychlocteni.mioweb.cz/
+420 777 913 126
9:00 – 16:00